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Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety & Stress - A New Blanket Could Help

What are Stress and Anxiety?

Stress is kind of a pressure on your brain which occurs when your brain starts sensing multiple demands. According to researchers, when there are multiple demands imposed on you, your brain takes all of them as a challenge at once and you feel stress. Some physical symptoms of stress are:

1. Frustration

2. Headache

3. Feeling uncomfortable

4. Depression

5. Feeling alone

6. Feeling unworthy

Anxiety on the other hand is the feeling of fear and nervousness. It occurs when you cannot find the reason of your stress. Anxiety can also be defined as the reaction to stress. One of the biggest symptoms of anxiety is sleep disorder; it means that when you feel some fear, your schedule of sleep gets disturbed. If anxiety and stress are damaging your daily life and you are doing nothing about it, then you can be in a big trouble. Taking stress for a long period of time can damage your brain. You should find ways to avoid anxiety and stress to have a good and simple life. If nothing helps, consult a doctor to resolve the matter.

How Does Stress Affect Your Body?

We all know that stress is bad but do we know how much bad? Well, stress can affect your entire body right from head to toe. It can damage your muscles and spoil your mood. It can cause a sleep disorder and anxiety. We will see one by one what actually happens when your body feels stress for a long period of time.

1. Respiratory Issues: Breathing is the reason we are alive, when you feel stress, you tend to breath heavier. Stress for long period of time can lead to asthma and other breathing diseases.
2. Heart Attack: Now this is really bad, stress is one of the main causes of heart attack. There are many cases of heart attack each year and most are stress related.
3. Mental Health: Anxiety and stress directly affects your brain, if your brain cannot control stress then you may suffer from mental disorder.
4. Sleep Disorder: Anxiety can lead to sleep disorder meaning your daily schedule of sleep may suffer a lot. This can lead to a lot more diseases as healthy sleep is a way to healthy life.
5. Muscular Health: Stress is the main reason of neck and shoulder pain. When you feel some stress, you will notice some pain in your neck, shoulder and also in head.

What is Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blanket is also called a stress blanket. It is like other blankets, with one used to sleep in night just like we use other blankets. The only difference between the normal blanket and a snugcosy weighted blanket is that they are filled with glass micro-beads. These pieces increase the weighted of the weighted blanket up to 12 kg. Due to this much weight, these blankets are called weighted blankets. A person can put this soft weight on himself and have a good night sleep helping to relieve stress.

Some Different Types of Weighted Blankets

There are different types of weighted blankets. All of them are soft and weighted, and they are getting popular in helping support anxiety and stress. Weighted Blanket for Adult: As we know adults are generally the most stressed ones. This stress comes from responsibilities, work load and many other problems that circle around the head of the victim. These blankets are very soft and comfortable with many users of these blankets stating it helps with sleep.

1. Gravity Blankets: These gravity blankets are another name for weighted blankets. They are capable of putting some distributed pressure on different parts of the body. This method helps a lot in fighting against stress. The weight of this blanket is distributed according to different parts of the body. When you use one, you will literally feel like you are having a massage.
2. Stress Blankets: Stress blankets are the most common weighted blankets. Stress is just another common phenomenon for us nowadays. Everybody feels stress once or twice in a week due to so much work load. And the situation worsens when this stress disturbs our sleeping schedule too. To fight against stress and anxiety, buy a stress blanket. If not completely stress free, you will surely feel some difference.

Why Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are the best tools to get some relief from the world today. These blankets are designed in such a way that they help give relief to every part of the body. You can usually see the difference between using the weighted blanket and using the normal blanket. These weighted blankets can help us to fight against sleep disorders. Its softness and comfortable weight triggers feelgood hormones. Some other benefits of using weighted blankets are:

• Reduces Insomnia
• Fights against anxiety
• Eases Autism
• Fight against loneliness
• Can help the symptoms of panic disorder
• Reduces travel anxiety
• Give Calmness
• Can improve mood
• Improves sleep schedule and quality
• Helps against restless leg syndrome
• Fights against stress
• Makes you feel comfortable

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