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Weighted Blanket UK

A good night’s sleep is necessary for most if not all people, especially if you, like me, rush home after those long and hectic days working probably in need of that well-earned sound sleep at the end of the day. Sometimes, when workload and other personal problems are of concern, you can become the victim of anxiety and / or depression. Anxiety and depression are two major issues that many suffer with, their reasons might be different but the pain, none the less, is the same.

For some people, a weighted blanket may be the solution and is specifically made to relieve the anxiety a person feels. This blanket is made to give the sensation of being held or hugged. The inner satisfaction felt is an important aim of touch therapists who specialise in helping people with such disorders.

SnugCosy, a brand of weighted blanket in the UK, aim to help people that have sleep disorders. A sound sleep also has positive effects on your mood. For people who don't know about the weighted blanket, this article is especially for you. Let’s explore some more.

How a weighted blanket can help?

The Weighted blankets science approach into healing uses the benefits known as deep pressure touch for stimulation and with this, the sensation of being hugged and embraced; can often create a perfect sense of relaxation and inner peace.
More Sleep Hormone: Considered as an essential part of the body's timekeeping system and naturally, increasing the levels and with deep touch stimulation will help the body to know that it's the time to sleep.

Decreases Stress Hormone: Can decrease stress hormones and will help the body to recover from stress. When the patient reached a relaxing point, he will get more relief and satisfaction.

Increases Relaxation Hormone: Deep Pressure Touch is very helpful in mind peacefulness. As your mind gets relaxed, it will help allow to shut eyes for sleep.

How heavy the weighted blanket is?

For the adults and children, there is a different recommendation for the weight of the weighted blanket, these are as follow:
i. Adults: Up to 12 percent of their weight
ii. Children: Up to 10 percent of their weight

The weight should be according to the weight of the user but it should be bearable. If the weight of the blanket is more, it will also discomfort the user.

Do weighted blankets come in the King or the Super Kingsize?

The blanket should be the same size as the width of the base of the bed and should not be more. If you was to buy the weighted blanket according to the size of your duvet, it will slip down to the floor while sleeping.

Is the weighted blanket safe for kids?

Kids like many adults also deal with anxiety and the bedtime restlessness; this blanket will help them to sleep without any interruption and disturbance. You must consult a doctor before using this blanket for children under 11. Also, anyone with any health issues should seek advice.

Research suggests that growth of children always occurs during their sleep cycles. So, it is important to take care of a child’s health by having a good sleep routine. It has also been shown that it is helpful when travelling because many children feel discomfort while travelling. A weighted blanket can help them to sleep. Not only kids but adults can also take it during travelling.

Bottom line:

SnugCosy is a brand of weighted blanket in the UK for adults and children. It will give you the feeling of being hugged gently and feel secure. Available in different weighted and sizes, the weighted blankets are available today!


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