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Weighted Blankets Guide

Weighted Blankets Guide

It has been circling the internet recently that a weighted blanket cures insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Is it true? Well since heavy weighted blanks sales increased vastly, many people are looking for the answer. Is it just heavily brand marketed or is it the truth? In this weighted blanket guide, I will tell you what these blankets are and how they work.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are like comforters, but instead, they are filled with glass beads or plastic pellets. They can be filled with fiberfill and weights. Some of these blankets are filled with full beads or plastic pellets so the weight even outs. If the weight doesn't even out, I would not suggest buying as it might drop to one side of the bed continuously if the weight isn't even. Also, you might not feel the same effects as a weighted blanket. Evenly distributed weight causes deep pressure stimulation, which in turn, makes these blankets a popular choice. Some of these blankets come with easy to clean cover sheets.

How do these Blankets Work?

Well, it's a bit complicated you see as it all depends on the psychology of the person. Weighted blankets cause a different simulation than normal blankets. Weighted blankets cause deep pressure touch better known as deep pressure stimulation. Deep pressure can take many forms from swaddling babies (for mothers), massage, hugs (from another person) and pressure that is evenly applied to the body. It has shown that it reduces the hormone that our body releases when we are under pressure or stress. It also increases a chemical that is released when we are happy. It also releases other hormones, which promote relaxation, regulate our mood and signal our brain that it's time to sleep. It has also shown that it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which puts our body in a state of relaxation.
It's the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system, which means to either fight or flight response.
These blankets are usually praised for their medication-free way to manage all sorts of anxiety, pain, and stress. But they are not going to replace your medication that has been prescribed by your doctor. See more in FAQ's

Do these Blankets cure my problems?

It has shown positive effects on many people's lives. While it cannot cure stress, anxiety, and ADHD, in recent surveys, it has been shown that 68% of people who use weighted blanked felt less anxious when they woke up the next morning. Everyone's analogy is different if you cannot sleep easily. I would advise getting a weighted blanket. Many people who have trouble sleeping, have shown signs, that when they use a weighted blanket, they fell asleep quickly. They usually do not wake up as often as they would without a weighted blanket. Weighted Blankets are used in PTSD wards. PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder often happens to those people, who have undergone high levels of stress. Many soldiers have PTSD after a war. If you are suffering from PTSD I would advise going to a doctor, and also try a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are being used in hospitals to calm people who have PTSD.

Should I buy one of these blankets?

Well, of course, you should. If you cannot sleep properly at night, due to either loneliness or high stress then weighted blankets may help you out, of course, they aren't medicated, but spending money on your health should be your number one priority. They can help support anxiety, depression and ADHD, and could make you feel less anxious. Snugcosy are a Uk brand of weighted blankets.

Which blanket is best suited for you?

As always, before buying anything, always look into the size of the blanket. The size is one of the important factors when buying weighted blankets. Some brands offer all different types of sizes from queen to king, but I would advise buying the one that fits all. Always measure your bed size and buy accordingly. Weight is another factor; it shouldn't be heavier than your body can handle. Also, check the quality and material it is made out of, I would advise getting blankets which have clean sheets, these types of blankets are easier to clean. Conclusion: In conclusion, Weighted blankets have shown positive signs in recent studies, if you are suffering from any issues like PTSD, ADHD, stress or depression, I would advise you to try one.

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