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  • Weighted Blankets for Tourette's Syndrome

    Tourette's Syndrome

    In this article, we will discuss Tourette's Syndrome which leads to repetitive movements and tics and the benefit using weighted blankets.

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  • Alzheimer's

    Alzheimer's is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease of the brain. It may develop slowly but affects memory and other cognitive skills irreversibly.

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  • autism


    Autism is a spectrum of developmental disorders that affect a child's social skills and integration. It has many subtypes that form distinct behavioral patterns, all with its challenges.

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  • Anxiety

    This article discusses the types of Anxiety and the way our body responds to stress and looks at how to diagnose treat and help prevent anxiety.

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    anxiety article
  • Weighted Blanket UK -  At SnugCosy WE'RE SO POPULAR!

    Weighted Blanket UK - At SnugCosy...

    Weighted Blankets in the UK have become very popular over recent years. Many customers purchase to help support sleep, stress and anxiety issues.

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