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  • Weighted Blankets Guide

    Weighted Blankets Guide

    A third party review of weighted blankets. It has been circling the internet recently that a weighted blanket cures insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Is it true?

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  • Weighted Blankets for Asperger’s Syndrome

    Benefits for Asperger’s Syndrome Learning disabilities are conditions that affect the way an individual interacts with all around them.

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    Benefits of Weighted Blankets

    Do you want to know about some of the most interesting benefits of weighted blankets? Here are some of the most amazing ones to consider in this regard.

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  • Anxiety and Stress

    Weighted blankets are the best tool to get some relief from the world today. These blankets are designed in such a way that they help give relief to every part...

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  • Guy lying in bed with alarm clock

    Weighted Blankets - Who can they...

    Weighted blankets have become an incredibly popular accessory during our bedtime routines, for both children and adults.

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