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  • weighted blanket kids

    Weighted Blankets Supporting Children and Adults...

    Weighted blankets can support adults and children. Covering yourself with a weighted blanket can feel like one huge hug — with the correct weighted blanket, that is.

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  • Weighted Blankets & ADHD

    Many children whom suffer with ADHD experience difficulty quieting down and falling and staying asleep. For some, exploring a blanket that is weighted might be a useful solution

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    weighted blankets and adhd
  • Research scrabble pieces

    Research Study: Everyday Life for Adults...

    Cognitive assistive technology and professional support in everyday life for adults with ADHD. Helena Lindstedt & Õie Umb-Carlsson.

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  • Research Study on Safety & Effectiveness...

    Exploring the Safety and Therapeutic Effects of Deep Pressure Stimulation Using a Weighted Blanket 

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    Research Studies
  • weighted blankets family

    Can sleeping with weighted blankets help...

    Discussing how weighted blankets help support anxiety, insomnia and many other disorders.

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