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Weighted Blanket for Adults 9kg

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Adult Weighted Blanket (9kg) & Cover, Pillowcase

Weighted Blanket:

Main Fabric Soft Cotton 
Cover Included
Inner Material Micro Glass Beads (0.8 mm) with bonded filling
Design Quilted Design (4" x 4")
Colour WHITE
Blanket Size 150 x 200 cm - Perfectly Fits Double Bed
Blanket Weight 9 KG
Suitable for Individuals weighing over 75 kg
Special Features 8 Ties to attach cover
Certification OEKO TEX 100 Certified
Washing Instructions Cool Wash

Blanket Cover:
Main Fabric Minky
Type Sensory
Fastening Zipper for Convenience
Colour GREY
Suitable for 150 x 200 cm Weighted Blanket
Special Features  8 Ties to attach to blanket
Certification  OEKO TEX Certified     
Washing Instructions Machine washable cool wash


Helps with Anxiety, Sensory & Sleep Disorders

Enjoy Perfect Weight Distribution:

Our weighted blanket is manufactured using much smaller 4" x 4" pouches and are filled with the highest quality hypoallergenic Glass Micro Beads providing a Superior Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Engineered For approx 7-12% of Your Body Weight.
Feel Snug Cosy:
Not only are they snug and cosy, our blankets have also helped people with Anxiety, Asperger's, Autism, Dementia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Sensory Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Stress and Tourettes Syndrome.
Luxury Quality:
Manufactured to a high standard both the Blanket & Cover are Ultra-Soft & Breathable. The Cover is Removable and Washable.
Strength of Science:
Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation Therapy Can Help You Relax, Sleep and Vastly Improve Mood.
For Good Measures:
The Dimensions are 150 x 200 cm to Maximise the Feeling of Deep Pressure Therapy.

LUXURY THERAPEUTIC WEIGHTED BLANKET from SnugCosy is designed to provide a perfect sleep experience. The luxurious feel of this Sensory Blanket helps improve your mood, falling asleep faster and provides a more snug cosy night. Modern science alongside exceptional manufacturing technology.
THE SCIENCE Through superior weight distribution, the weighted blanket stimulates deep-seated receptors providing a unique massage or touch therapy experience through compression stimulating feel good hormones helping with relaxation, quality sleep and improving mood.
BLANKET & REMOVABLE COVER Quilted Cotton Blanket with small pouches filled with high quality glass beads and 8 tags to attach the cover to secure the blanket inside. Includes a Minky Cover with Zipper and 8 Ties PLUS a Minky Pillowcase too!
EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY Oeko-Tex 100 Standard textiles and fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use and is especially ideal for people with sensitive skin. We only use the highest quality fabrics, zippers and straps, offering aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and extremely durable blankets.