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How to wash a weighted blanket

Most people think that washing and drying a weighted blanket is a long and complicated procedure. However, this isn't true. Washing a weighted blanket isn't rocket science. Weighted blankets are washable, and they do not need any explicit material that would put you in additional worries. It is an uncomplicated procedure that only requires you to follow some steps. Caring for your weighted blanket is like caring for clothes that need specific washing guidelines, such as a silk shirt which you wouldn't want to damage.           

Guidelines for washing your weighted blanket

Washing your weighted blanket is perhaps the most essential thing to do if you would like to keep it for life. For that, we provide you with some simple but adequate steps that will help you learn how to wash your weighted blanket. In SnugCosy, we provide you with the best glass-filled quality of washable weighted blankets for adults. To keep your blanket in shape, all you have to do is follow these steps: 

Wash separately, on a cool wash.
Use a gentle detergent.
Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
After you wash your weighted blanket, hang dry it, or tumble dry on low.
We recommend that you hang-dry it. If your blanket is over 7KG / 15lbs, take it to the laundrette.
Use the same instructions as the ones above. Pick the largest, commercial size machines for washing and drying (low setting)

Can you machine-wash a SnugCosy weighted blanket?

Yes. As long as you have a large washing machine, you can machine wash your weighted blanket. Keep in mind that all washing machines have a weight limit. Some can wash up to 5KGs while others can wash as much as 10KGs. On the other hand, if a weighted blanket is already 7KGs, it will weigh more once wet. If you don't have a large, commercial-size machine, better take it to the launderette for washing and drying on a low setting.

Why we recommend hang drying your weighted blanket.

We recommend hang-drying your weighted blanket because the fabric will stay nicer much longer. You can also machine dry it on a low setting. However, we recommend hanging it evenly to dry on a tub or your laundry line. We also suggest that you hang it evenly and balance it between both ends, instead of hanging it from the one end. In general, hang drying doesn't take too long, because washing machines manage to get most of the water out during the spin cycle.

Why use a gentle detergent?

We recommend using a gentle detergent when washing your weighted blankets. Avoid strong detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or bleach. Fabric softeners can damage your cover by making it less soft by building up in it. Occasionally, according to the type of fabric, you may end up having a rough and scratchy blanket. Bleach will damage your weighted blanket by progressively breaking down the fibres inside it. If you only wish to spot-clean it, use a toothbrush locally.

Should you iron your weighted blanket?

No. Ironing your weighted blanket might damage its filler. There is no benefit in ironing most weighted blankets, including ours at SnugCosy. You can buy a cover for weighted blankets that are similar to duvet ones. Instead of ironing your weighted blanket, you can press the cover that protects it. We recommend choosing between a Minky or a cotton cover because they both wash easily and come out just as soft as when you put it in.

Tips regarding Minky and cotton covers.

Wash a Minky cover separately as it stops any friction with other laundry items. Spot-clean any remaining stains using a non-chlorine bleach or an oxygen bleach. Wash and dry a cotton cover separately or in small loads. Cold wash is the best. Large loads can create extra heat or agitation, which wears on the blanket cover. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the wash to keep the colours vivid and bright.

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