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Kids Weighted Lap Pad

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Kids Weighted Lap Blanket

Weighted Lap Blanket for Children:

Main Fabric Minky 
Inner Material Micro Glass Beads (0.8 mm) with bonded filling
Design Quilted Design (4"x 4")
Colour Grey
Blanket Size 51 x 63.5 cm
Blanket Weight Choice of 3 or 5 LB
Suitable for Children
Washing Instructions Cool Wash / Low Dry only


Kids Weighted Lap Pad helps with Anxiety, Sensory & Sleep Disorders.

Many of our customers are worried parents and teachers who are looking for a solution to help support a child that suffers from mood / anxiety problems; Autism, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome and other conditions. Our Kids Weighted Lap Pad / Lap Blanket has helped complementing the treatment of many disorders.

The lap pad exerts a pleasant and firm pressure which activates deep-seated receptors which allow the child to become more relaxed and aware of their body.

Enjoy Perfect Weight Distribution

CALM, ATTENTIVE & FOCUSED Our weighted lap pad provides calming deep pressure stimulation to the lap and upper legs whilst sat down. This can improve your child's attention, focus, or ability to calm down and relax.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE Using a weighted lap blanket helps your child remain grounded can lead to better classroom performance and improved social interaction.

SUPER SOFT MINKY The soft raised dotted minky fabric makes this lap weighted blanket the perfect choice for any child with sensory needs. Ideal for a child who likes to fidget or has to address sensory needs whilst needing to focus.

PERFECT SIZE & WEIGHT  Compact Design - a 20 x 25 inch (51 x 63.5 cm) weighted lap blanket that is the perfect size and weight making it an ideal portable solution to be taken with you, anywhere.

WARNING: NOT SUITABLE for children under the age of 3. Users must be able to remove the weighted lap pad by them self as could pose a suffocation hazard.

Weighted Lap Pad for children
Thanks to the light pressure that is evenly distributed over the lap, this sensory lap pad for kids improves the quality of your child’s day with this calming lap blanket.
Promoting regulation, calming, and refocusing, it's a wonderful classroom addition to help children with seated posture and seated attention.

This kids weighted lap blanket is a natural solution offering therapeutic benefits.
Thanks to the effect of gravitational attraction and evenly distributed pressure, this weighted lap pad relaxes the nervous system by reducing the level of stress hormone and increasing the level of serotonin (good mood hormone)

Offering a calming effect, both physical and mental
Parents may find that using a weighted lap pad helps children during car journeys, mealtimes, study, haircuts and social settings
Our kids weighted blanket reduces physical restlessness and bring a sense of calm and concentration.

SnugCosy Lap Pad
With this sensory children’s weighted lap mat your child can read their favourite book, sit quietly on the sofa or get snug cosy before bed time.
Lap Weighted Blankets for children are an ideal gift for your own kids, siblings, nephews, nieces, birthdays, Christmas... 

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